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Presentation and Training Topics

Please note, these are just a few of the INSIGHTFUL and INSPIRATIONAL topics provided by Dementia211.  We would be happy to discuss additional themes or personalize a presentation to fit your needs too!

Presentation Topics: Resources and Tips

Do's and Don'ts of Dementia

What happens after a diagnosis of dementia.  This presentation sheds light on the Top 10 Do's and Don'ts of Dementia covering ways to communicate, financial considerations, safety and more!


Behavioral Expression Care in Dementia

Wandering, exit seeking, disrobing, anxiety, agitation and other seemingly abnormal behaviors are normal symptoms of dementia.  This presentation will explain why behaviors occur and provide ideas and techniques to help diffuse and lessen these expressions.

When is Memory Loss a Concern?

This insightful and engaging presentation is geared to help the audience understand the basics of the brain and the different memory types it holds.  It will also discuss 7 key things to watch for related to memory loss and ways to determine if medical intervention is necessary.  Plus provide insights into possible reversible forms of dementia and ways to get a proper diagnosis.


Brain Healthy You!

Learn about the risk factors of dementia and how YOU can make easy, healthy choices to benefit your brain!  Discuss foods to boost your memory and healthy habits to reduce stress, increase sleep and more!


Making Memories in Dementia

A diagnosis of dementia does not mean that the joy must end. In fact, it gives all involved the opportunity to determine what memories still need to be made.  This inspirational presentation discusses ways to enhance quality of life for those with dementia, create opportunities for intergenerational experiences, and make dreams come true!


Focusing on A+ Mindful Moments

Life goes by too quickly.  Learn ways to change your mindset by focusing on positive mindfulness and find joy daily! This presentation helps boost morale, increase productivity and is perfect for community and team building!

Life Story Books Aides for Memory

 This interactive presentation walks you through how to create a Life Story Book or chronological picture book.  Used in Europe as a stimulation tool for those with memory loss, this keepsake when used daily has been known to reduce the need for medications, aid in behavioral expression management, and assist with intergenerational engagement!


Enhanced Quality of Life in Dementia

When someone is diagnosed with dementia their care rises to the top of what is important, but what is often forgotten is what brings them joy. This interactive virtual presentation will talk about ways to engage those with memory loss in personalized joy and ease the caregiving journey too!


Virtual Dementia Tour

by Second Wind Dreams

As a Certified Virtual Dementia Tour Trainer, I am able to work with Second Wind Dreams to help facilitate this amazing experience for your Team or community. Please contact me directly for more information and pricing!

Presentation Topics: Image
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