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Help for those with dementia and their family, friends, caregivers, and care partners through one-on-one or group consultation.  Engaging presentations and trainings for families and professionals on topics related to memory loss, caregiving, brain health, and intentional living.  Plus, customized training, marketing, and operational services for senior living providers.


"To Love a Person is Learn the Song
that is Their Heart and to Sing it to Them
when They have Forgotten."

Arne Garborg

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Paula Gibson

Caregiver, Consultant, Presenter, Trainer, and Advocate

Having walked the journey of dementia with my grandmother and my father, I saw firsthand the twists and turns this disease caused for them and for my family.  It is why I became a Certified Dementia Practitioner, Certified Virtual Dementia Tour Trainer, Certified Cognitive Stimulation Provider, and served as the Regional Director of Communications and Engagement for a long-term memory care provider for over 14 years. 

During my career I was able to help hundreds of people living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia and their family, friends, caregivers, and care partners.  In doing so I assisted them in understanding the disease process of dementia, learning enhanced techniques to approach and communicate with those who have memory loss, and to discover how to use their loved one's life story to personalize their quality of life and daily care.

My goal is to continue to serve as a resource to those in need and share my personal and professional knowledge through personalized consultations, engaged training presentations, and direct advocacy for those living with memory loss.

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Virtual Class - Navigating the Dementia Journey

Every Thursday

January 20 - February 17, 2022

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (MST)

Cost: $30.00

This weekly class by Dementia211 and Northland Community College in Arizona will focus on understanding the dementia disease process, care planning, caregiver coping techniques, and legal and financial planning. In addition, it will discuss what to look for in a senior living home, how to stay engaged with your loved one, and insights into end-of-life supports. Time for questions will be alloted during this interactive 5-part experience.

Purchase Swag and Help Fund a Cure!

Dementia211 donates at least 10% of ALL proceeds

of swag purchased, consults booked, trainings or presentations provided, and senior living services procured to the Alzheimer's Associationthe world's #1 nonprofit funding research, education, and advocating for a World  without Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia! One where memories of joy last a lifetime!

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Dementia211 Testimonials

"Paula is an amazing advocate for those with memory loss.  She not only helped my family during their struggles with my grandma, but inspired me to get into long-term care. I have attended many of her presentations and each one has taught me to be a better caregiver and human being.


I would highly recommend Dementia211 and Paula's services!"


"Great seminar! Paula is very knowledgeable from both personal and professional
experience. I would love to participate in future seminars. I learned new
during the seminar that I can use which is great!"


"I wasn't sure what to expect coming into this presentation. I'm leaving with 3 things:

1. a wealth of information 2. a whole new list of things I'm certain I don't know and will need to
research more, and 3. a renewed belief that there are wonderful people in the world who are
working to make lives better.

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